ETC Run Training Opportunities

A weekly 90 minute run clinic for all skill levels. Facilitated by Craig Brososky of WEPhysio.

Our weekly ETC run clinic is held at the Kinsmen every Sunday!  Watch Facebook for the schedule post.

Meet up at the bottom of the main door steps for a 9:00am start and spend 90 minutes further developing your run technique. Super fun times!

This clinic is drill-based, not distance-based, so if you are not a fast or strong runner you have no worries. All skill sets are supported.

Led by Craig Brososky of WEPhysio this 90 minute Run Clinic is FREE for current Paid ETC members.
If you are NOT a member and just want to just drop-in for this class please bring a mere 10$ in cash. (Exact change is VERY much preferred.)

We will be selling memberships on site (60$ gets you a FULL YEAR of ETC benefits! SWEET!) so look for the runner with the clipboard! Again, cash is best.

9:00am every second Sunday at the Kinsmen steps. Dress for the weather. Bring water/nutrition as personally required.
The Kinsmen Sports Centre is located here:

Bring a friend and help get them in on the ETC run clinic ground floor!

If the event is cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances we will post a cancellation in the ETC Facebook group.
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