Sports Psychology Presentation – November 28, 2014 – ETC : Edmonton Triathlon Club

The Edmonton Triathlon Club (etc) is proud to present to our members an evening of learning and development with Mr. Laurie Zalmanowitz, Sports Psychologist. This event is FREE to our current ETC members. Non-members are a mere $10. Exact change is preferred.  (Please note: An annual membership to ETC is only $40 and offers sooooo many other […]

Analysis of two ETC bike routes – ELEVATION COMPARISON

ETC has two bike routes that we currently ride with our members. Cooking Lake and the GWN (Great White North Triathlon) routes. Each route offers a unique end point (a.k.a. coffee and muffins eatery) and varying elevation and other challenges. Cooking Lake is more of a rolling hills type of ride and is great for a […]



Off Season Triathlon Swim Training in the City of Edmonton – 2014

As the weather cools down and our race seasons dwindle into dreams of snow drifts and candy canes it’s important that we don’t lose sight of one very important objective. Maintenance We have all worked hard to improve our fitness and skills over the spring, summer and fall and it would be sad to let […]

A wonderful morning for a weekly run clinic – Long, slow run.

As part of our Weekly Run Clinic at the Kinsmen (RUN CLINIC DETAILS HERE) we enjoyed a “Long and Slow” run. This type of run training is designed to build endurance and help with your form. No worrying about pace or speed….just run slow, steady and properly. We had over 20 people come out to hit the […]


2014 Transcanada ITU World Triathlon Edmonton Grand Final

What an amazing experience for everyone involved. The organizers and volunteers were unparalleled in their abilities which created a wonderful event that had over 3,000 athletes participating from all over the world. There were several ETC members racing in Age Group divisions on both the Sprint and Standard (Olympic) Distances. Everyone commented on what a […]


Hills_etc-august 20 2014 - last run pre- ITU

One last batch of HILLS pre-ITU Worlds

One last round of HILLS before ITU on the last weekend of August 2014. The focus was on the Emily Murphy hill as it is part of the bike routes for ALL the distances this year. It’s…fun.


A lovely Saturday ride

Magnificent seven ride again – did not have time to Photoshop anyone else into the picture, Klaus was with us as well, but could not stay for coffee. Awesome morning with just a little bit of rain to freshen us up before a hot day. It is great to be back, I hope to see more of the ETC […]